Teva Churn Shoe Review

Published: 11th July 2011
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For years of backcountry/backroads action-packed "vacations" I've encountered the problem of packing the right shoes for the right activities. Knowing I would be rafting, walking miles a day, taking planes, trains and busses, paragliding, zip lining and other various adventures, meant packing 5 different pairs of shoes. These days are gone my friends. Say hello to your new travel buddy, the Teva Churn.

While the Teva Churn may look like just average every day sneaker, this couldn't be further from the truth. The The Teva Churn is ready for action on all your travel adventures this summer whether you're floating the Colorado River, gallivanting about South America or spending the weekend running around your own jungle of a backyard.

The first thing you might notice about the Teva shoe is the abundance of mesh. What is all that mesh doing there you ask? Well, the wise designers at Teva use this for breathability on land, draining squelchy water from your shoes and making you dry in mere moments. Extra bonus: this mesh actually prevents sand from entering your shoe. Believe it or not, but the multi-layer mesh is big enough for water to drain through yet small enough to keep that pesky pebble and granule of sand out. Mud puddles on the other hand, you might need to watchout for.

For the aiport inclined, you'll want to take note of the unique transitioning feature of the Churn. In one quick swoop of the heel you can transition from full-coverage trainerto an easy on/off slide. Delight as you glide past security and those struggling to put on their shoes while desperately clinging to their jacket, bag, laptop, bag of liquids and whatever else over packers feel the need to have with them. Note that the heel features a shock-absorbing pad for use in the down position, making walking just that much more of a pleasant experience. Revel in its compact, lightweight easy-to-pack form, should you lean towards a casual dress shoe on your trip.

Letís not forget the sole of this shoe stands out on a variety of surfaces. This is a great light hiking shoe for navigating cobblestones or jungle trails. Should you run into a stream crossing, beckoning lake, or the occasional deep puddle, don't fret about traction; The Churn sticks like glue to wet rocks.

Ultimately this shoe was designed for aqueous exploration, but it performs in a multitude of climates, terrain, and ecosystems. It can be worn with or without socks, depending on the day's activities, and fits true to size.

If you're looking for comfortable shoes to get you around the world or your own backyard this summer, look no further than the Teva Churn.

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